Caresha Checks Charlamagne For Saying She Didn't Deserve Her BET Awards For 'Best Podcast'

Yung Miami pulled receipts on Charlamagne Tha God to let him know why she deserved her 2nd straight BET award for her podcast “Caresha Please.

After exchanging some pleasantries with each other, Charlamagne brought up that Yung Miami was mad at him for what he said about her BET Award.

She responded:

I just feel, like, people always saying that I don’t deserve stuff.

Why I don’t deserve anything?

I work hard. I deserve everything.

When I just did my first live podcast, I was around the corner.

It’s new… We in a new time, we in a new generation, I’m bringing something new, so why I don’t deserve it.

Charlamagne responded that he doesn’t feel like she puts out enough podcasts.

He told her if she did, she would be the biggest podcast in the game.

Then, Yung Miami came with them receipts:

Because that’s how I want to run my show though.

I want people to wait. I want my — to be anticipated. I don’t want to drop it every week.

You just said you don’t like the way everybody doing.

I want people to anticipate my —-!

Charlamagne then implied that Diddy had something to do with Yung Miami winning her first BET Award for Best Podcast when she tied with Nore and the Drink Champs” podcast.

While proudly wearing her iced-out “Love” necklace, she pulled more receipts:

How?… So, if that’s the case, why ain’t win my VMA?

If Diddy brought it… why he didn’t buy that award?…

He can’t afford what?… He can’t afford what?…

I don’t like that. I just feel like as a Black woman, people always discrediting us.

Like, don’t discredit me. I work hard.

I’m away from my kids, I get up every morning, put in the work, like, I deserve everything that’s coming to me.

Don’t do that!

…I just feel like, I deserve my —. Like, I’m here.

Like, God put me here for a reason, and this what he had for me, like, this was destined for me.

So don’t say I don’t deserve it. Just say you was salty and then I can respect that.

Watch the clips from “The Breakfast Club” of Yung Miami checking Charlamagne about her BET awards below:

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