Young Thug and Gunna took bats to a Rolls Royce to promote Young Thug’s new album, PUNK, dropping this Friday (Oct.15).

The Rolls Royce has the album titled spray painted on it, in pink, in various spots on the vehicle, including the windshield.

In the video, Gunna is standing on top of the hood of the car smashing the windshield in with a bat, while Young Thug attempts to smash the back window with his bat, but realizes the glass is too hard, so he moves on to the passenger side of the vehicle.

There are a few more guys with bats in the video helping Thugger and Gunner smash the car.

Spectators are heard in the video saying “On the Rolls Royce?” as if they are having trouble processing what they are seeing.

There is no reasonable explanation for this, I just sum it up as millennial rapper madness.

Watch the video below:

Your thoughts?