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Wood Harris has been accused of assaulting and spitting on his longtime girlfriend leaving her hospitalized.

The attack reportedly took place in April when the actor, who is best known for his roles on “The Wire” and Paid In Full, was in Philly shooting Creed II.

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Anya Richardson says she was in Wood’s hotel room when he struck her multiple times in her stomach, ribs and neck.

She also claims Wood spat in her face and choked her. Anya went to the hospital the next day and filed a police report.

The Philadephia District Attorney’s office declined to prosecute because they couldn’t prove a crime occurred.

Anya plans to take legal action against Wood.

Her attorney, Alberto Ebanks, said his client “feels there is little choice but to pursue alternative remedies to help protect other women from the threat of assault.”

Wood’s rep is calling BS saying, “The account by this woman is pure fabrication. Wood was never questioned by the authorities and that should speak to the authenticity of the accusation. No further comment.”