Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 9 - Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick

After a messy week of leaked episodes, “Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 Episode 9 has arrived and it was well worth the wait!

Cooper Saxe may be gone, but he went the extra mile before his death to make sure folks still feel his wrath.

Before his impending demise, Saxe wrote and mailed his lil messy letter to shake the table and cause confusion from the afterlife. 

Davis McClean’s block is hot as Detective Blanca Rodriguez a grieving Jenny Sullivan tries to hold someone accountable for Saxe’s death.

Effie is jammed up for trying to kill Lauren, but she has no plans of folding even after Cane pulled up to the police station looking like he just graduated from an ICDC Law class. 

Dru, with the help of his brother Cane, takes measures to eliminate the Castillo family once and for all and Evelyn drops a major bomb on him. 

Monet Tejada’s web of lies and deceit is finally exposed and her relationship with her children will never be the same.

But, it was the last five minutes of the episode that had my mouth hanging wide open. 

Twitter Reactions To ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 3 Episode 9

Read 25 totally accurate tweets about “Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 Episode 9 below. 

Just a reminder that these tweets contain spoilers, so I suggest you hold off on reading them until you are all caught up on the show.


Sidebar: I just want to let y’all know I fought for my life to get these tweets because Twitter is full of spoilers due to Episodes 9 and 10 leaking last week.

Vivica Fox Gif in reaction to Power Book II Ghost Season 3 Episode 9

Season 3 Cast:

Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 stars Michael Rainey Jr. as “Tariq St. Patrick,” Mary J. Blige as “Monet Stewart Tejada,” Shane Johnson as “Cooper Saxe,” Gianni Paolo as “Brayden Weston,” Cliff “Method Man” Smith as “Davis MacLean,” Larenz Tate as “Rashad Tate,” Berto Colon as “Lorenzo Tejada,” Woody McClain as “Cane Tejada,” Lovell Adams-Gray as “Dru Tejada,” LaToya Tonodeo as “Diana Tejada,” Alix Lapri as “Effie Morales,” and Paton Ashbrook as “Jenny Sullivan.” 

Joining the cast this season is Monique Curnen as “Detective Blanca Rodriguez,” Keesha Sharp as “Professor Harper Bennet,” David Walton as “Lucas Weston,” Gbenga Akinnagbe as “Ron Samuel Jenkins” aka “RSJ,” and Moriah Brown as “KeKe Travis.” 

The “Power Book II: Ghost” Season 3 finale airs on Friday, May 26. 

Are you ready to find out how this season will end?

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