Jailton Dos Santos arrested hiding in backseat of woman's car
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A Cape Cod woman was left shaken and mortified when she found a man hiding in the backseat of her car as she was driving home. 

The woman quickly pulled over on the side of the highway, jumped out of her vehicle, and tried to call 911.

A police officer from the Yarmouth Police Department in the Cape Cod community of Massachusetts was patrolling near the Route 6 exit ramp just before 1 a.m. on Monday morning when he “came upon a vehicle he thought was disabled.”

“As he went to check on the car, he saw a woman standing outside of it attempting to dial 911. She appeared to be scared and upset as she explained to the officer what had just occurred,” police said.

The woman said she had just left a friend’s house and was headed home. 

At some point, a light suddenly came on in her car while she was driving and alarmed her. 

“As she looked into the back seat, she was surprised to see a man hiding with a coat pulled over his head,” said the Yarmouth Police Department.

The woman, completely terrified, began driving erratically, which caused the man hiding in the backseat of the car to fall out of the open rear door onto the road.

After a brief investigation, the Yarmouth Police Department found and arrested 36-year-old Jailton Dos Santos

He was charged with breaking and entering into a vehicle in the nighttime.

It’s unclear why Jailton posted up in the backseat of this woman’s car.

Watch the news report below.

Thankfully, the woman wasn’t harmed.

But, ladies…please be mindful to keep your car locked and to always survey your car before entering – especially when you are alone or at night.

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Source: ABC News

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