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A woman is suing NBA baller Rajon Rondo and his girlfriend after she got pummeled over a parking lot dispute.

The incident went down on July 28 in the parking deck of a Los Angeles apartment complex.

Toktam Jorshari claims Rajon was upset about her parking too close to the driver’s side door of his $300k Rolls-Royce SUV. She also noted he was parked in a handicapped parking spot.

Jorshari went on to accuse the NBA baller and his girlfriend of cursing her out, then attacking her.

Toktam Jorshari filed a lawsuit against Rajon Rondo and his girlfriend for assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy. She’s seeking more than $1 million in damages.

Security video of the incident has been released.

Now, I don’t have a degree in deciphering silent surveillance videos, but I am very well versed in black folks body language.

Based on the video you will see below, Jorshari rolled up with an attitude and was ready to pop off. She simply did not anticipate Rajon’s girlfriend matching and exceeding her energy.

Rajon and his girlfriend are clearly trying to reason with this woman, who could have simply moved her car so that they could go on about their business.

Instead, Toktam Jorshari was aggressive, wagging her finger, and walking closer to the couple.

As the confrontation ensues, the couple is growing visibly frustrated.

Eventually, Jorshari wrote a check…and Rondo’s lady cashed it.

The end.

I would also like to note, the alleged “victim” was not wearing a mask.

She was invading Rajon Rondo and his girlfriend’s personal space and the entire issue could have been resolved with her simply moving her vehicle.

Rondo’s attorney, Mark D. Baute released the following statement:

That’s that on that.

Rajon Rondo was set to make his Atlanta Hawks debut on December 23, but is listed as out because of “health and safety protocols” on the NBA’s official injury report.

I wonder if it’s due to the buzz about this frivolous lawsuit.

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