Today, is a special day for Adrienne “Gammy” Norris.

Jada Pinkett Smith‘s mother and co-host of “Red Table Talk” is celebrating 30 years of being clean.

Gammy has been very transparent about her 20-year heroin addiction and her journey to sobriety.

She discussed it in detail during a past episode of “Red Table Talk.”

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Gammy and Jada celebrated her newest milestone.

The caption on the post read:

“When at the end of the road we find we can no longer function as a human being, either with or without drugs, we all face the same dilemma…Either go on as best we can to the bitter ends—jails, institutions, or death— or find a new way to live.” Basic Text, p.87
Thank God and the rooms I found a new way to live!

See the post below:

Keep taking it one day at a time, Gammy!

God’s got you.

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