Layshia Clarendon of the WNBA’s New York Liberty underwent successful breast removal surgery (top surgery) on January 13th, and she is sharing her experience to inspire other trans athletes.

On Jan 13th at 10am I hugged my wife in front of my surgery building, walked in and took a deep breath…The day was finally here. The day I got to have Top Surgery!!!!!!! ⁣

It’s hard to put into words the feeling of seeing my chest for the first time free of breasts, seeing my chest the way I’ve always seen it, and feeling a sense of gender euphoria as opposed to gender ⁣
dysphoria. Sighhhh…freedom… freedom at last. ⁣

I’m usually not scared to share news publicly but the amount of hate, myths & ignorance surrounding Trans and Non Binary people’s existence actually had me debating sharing this joy. I want Trans people to know and see that we’ve always existed & no one can erase us! ⁣

I want people to remember that my freedom is your freedom because none of us are free until we are all free!!! 

Clarendon identifies as non-binary, but she is fine with being called a woman even though she doesn’t identify with one specific gender.

The WNBA has no problem with Layshia’s surgery or her going public to inspire other trans athletes.

Shout out to Layshia Clarendon for having the courage to share her freedom and the fortitude to inspire others.

Source: TMZ