WNBA Champion Natasha Cloud bailed out a Florida woman charged with criminal mischief and providing false information to a police officer after destroying Trump signs in Flagler County, Florida.

Natasha is a guard for the Washington Mystics who said she identifies with the Florida woman.

We’re in a time in our country like never before. And as a Black bisexual woman, that man and those signs are a threat to our lives.

While I don’t condone destruction of things… I know exactly where she’s coming from. I’ve too wanted to rip signs and flags down.

I understood her.

Tonya McRae, 42, self-proclaimed “anarchist” was held on a $500 bond after being caught by police destroying “Women For Trump” and “Trump-Pence” signs on private property.

The police department estimated $200 worth of damage.

Cloud took issue with the damaged being assessed at $200 and the bond being held at $500.

A Black woman does $200 worth of damage to a sign and is put in prison on a $500 bond?

It’s ridiculous. I’m done with the mistreatment of minorities, especially women, [and] the hypocrisy of policing and politics.

On Tuesday morning, Election Day, Cloud told her Twitter followers to “figure out what her bail is for me”, and by 9:50 am Cloud had posted bail on McRae’s behalf from Italy. Cloud is currently playing basketball in Italy.

See tweets below:

McRae was very cooperative with the police officers once she was caught and she admitted that she  “was stressed out” and “acted out of impulse” because “I didn’t like what I saw.”

Her calm nature is classic!

See police officer body cam video footage here.

Shout out to Natasha Cloud for her good deed!

Source: Insider

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