J-Cole reached out to Morray on Instagram to let him know that his first and only release “Quicksand” is amazing, and Morray was very honored to receive such high praise from one of rap’s elites.

Morray responded to J-Cole’s comment, “Damn bro blessed g thank you so much.”

Morray, whose real name is Morae Ruffin, is from Fayetteville, North Carolina, and his new single “Quicksand” was released Thursday (October 29) on Pick Six Records.

J. Cole responded to the single instantly after hearing it.

The single is about Morray’s grind to make money from a young age, his delivery is on point and he also shows off his singing ability on the track.

“Quicksand” is one of those songs that you can tell is honest and pure just from the energy that it brings. The song was produced by Ant Chamberlain and Brandon Buttner.

Morray is definitely a name to remember, and it’s very hard to believe that this is his only release because he has the skillset of a vet.

Slow-flow, fast-flow, and he can sing, Morray is a triple-threat!

Watch the “Quiksand” video below:

Are you scooping or scrapping Morray’s “Quicksand” video?

J-Cole is not the only rapper who has taken an interest in Morray, he has also received praise from Rick Ross, G. Herbo, Tay Keith, and Yella Beezey.

I have a feeling Morray will be collaborating with J. Cole in the near future.

Source: HipHopDX