Willow Smith has released the official music video for her latest single, “Alone,” and her fans are raving about it.

The black-and-white visual is stripped down and simply features Willow sitting on the floor in a black tank top and pants with fresh braids.

The camera pans in and out as Willow Smith pours emotion into every word of the song. 


One fan commented, “This is so stripped down and vulnerable. Willow always gives us something new from her. I appreciate the openness in your musical expression.”

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Another fan wrote, “The alternating staccato patterns and elongated tones in this MASTERPIECE seem to express the range of emotions one feels when chillin’ by yourself and reflecting what’s really goin’ on. It’s like our bodies rest, but our thoughts don’t. This is dope, Willow.

Check out Willow’s “Alone” video below.

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️Willow Smith’s new single arrives just three days after she celebrated her 23rd birthday. 

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It seems this is her gift to us. 

Are you SCOOPING or SCRAPPING “Alone?”

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