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Will Smith Threatens To Block Fan Over ‘Entanglement’ Joke

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If you’re tired of folks using the word “entanglement” – imagine how Will Smith feels!

The Hollywood star-turned-social media maven attempted to resume his online reign after his marriage and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s relationship with August Alsina dominated headlines for weeks.

But, the good times were short-lived when a fan slid into the comments of Will’s latest Instagram video of him jumping rope and warned him not to get “entangled.”

Will quickly fired back giving the fan credit for making a funny…then he threatened to block him.

Hahaha… Okay…I can admit it. That’s Funny! I’m definitely gonna block you. But, the joke was Very Funny!

This is the original post:

See the exchange below:

Welp. That’s that on that!

It’s unclear if Will followed through on his threat, but it sure made for a good ki.

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