Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith come to the red table to discuss the recent headlines regarding her alleged affair with August Alsina.

In a recent interview, the singer said he had a relationship with Jada for years and he noted the he sat down with Will and received his blessing.

In this special episode of “Red Table Talk” on Facebook Watch, Jada and Will continue their efforts of transparency as they tell their side of the story through a lighthearted convo and giggles.

A few points made at the table were:

  • Jada started a friendship with August because he needed “help” – mentally and physically.
  • The Smith family welcomed August in because he was “sick” and they helped him with various resources.
  • Jada and Will “broke up.” Will said he was “done with her ass” and they were “over.”
  • Jada got “into a different kind of entanglement” with August.
  • Jada said Will never gave “permission” but August may have perceived it as permission because they were “separated amicably.” 
  • Jada admits she was in a relationship with August. She adds she was “in a lot of pain and broken.” 
  • Jada noted she’s drawn to people who need “fixing.” 
  • Jada says she’s grateful for the lessons she’s learned about herself during her relationship with August.
  • At some point in the relationship, August Alsina severed all ties and communication with Jada Pinkett Smith.
  • Both Will and Jada are wondering why August is telling this now…years later.

Watch below:

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