As an avid fan of UNDISPUTED, I’ve often wondered why Shannon Sharpe G.O.A.T so hard for LeBron James.

What I mean by G.O.A.T so hard is Shannon’s relentless defense of LeBron James being the Greatest Of All Time.

I’m sure many basketball fans have had the G.O.A.T conversation with their friends numerous times and many may agree with Shannon, but Shannon is of a certain age to know better.

With the release of The Last Dance, the Michael Jordan documentary that premiered on ESPN in April 2020, many millennials became familiar with the man I consider the G.O.A.T.

I’ve always given millennials a pass because they were not old enough to appreciate the greatness of Michael Jordan.

Back to Shannon:

I’ve often wondered if Shannon is just taking this strong stance as a reoccurring storyline that he can debate his co-host, Skip Bayless, with.

I tossed that theory awhile back because I can see in Shannon’s eyes that he really believes what he is saying.

Simply put, Michael Jordan has 6 rings with 6 Final MVPs, & he has never seen a game 7 in the Finals.

Any LeBron fan can bring up any LeBron career stat they want and it will not measure up to MJ’s hardware.

MJ’s killer instinct and offensive skill set is far superior to any other basketball player that I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Back to Shannon:

The GOAT mask that Shannon wears when LBJ has a good game proves my point about him feeling LBJ is truly the greatest in his eyes.

Watch the video below to see a compilation of Shannon’s GOAT mask appearances:

I have a lot of respect for Shannon, he’s an NFL Hall of Famer, he is very intelligent, and he’s not afraid to speak his mind, but when it comes to LBJ he is delusional.

Hopefully, Shannon slows down on his G.O.A.T talk when the LAKERS go fishing in the Western Conference Finals.