Patrick Mahomes Proposes To His Girlfriend Brittany Mathews At SB Ring Ceremony

Patrick Mahomes proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Brittany Mathews, shortly after he received his first NFL Super Bowl Ring.

Watch the clip of Mahomes and his teammates receiving their Super Bowl rings below:

Mahomes surprised his girlfriend in a rose-filled suite inside Arrowhead Stadium.

The engagement ring is a huge emerald cut diamond with smaller diamonds around the double band.

Anyone familiar with Mahomes’s new contract knows that he got it like that!

Patrick capped the night off with a romantic dinner layout in the backyard of their home.

Smooth move playa!

Watch the video below to see Brittany’s ring and the romantic dinner setting:

Patrick and Brittany have been together for 8 years, they met in high school.

Brittany has a degree in Kinesiology and she owns her own fitness business, Brittany Lynne Fitness.

I’m sure Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mathews will never forget Tuesday 9/1/2020.

Brittany posted this message on her twitter account in appreciation of her special day:

We wish Mahomes and Brittany the very best in the future.

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