Tyron Woodley Gets ‘I Love Jake Paul’ Tattoo In Hopes Of A Rematch

Tyron Woodley has proved how desperate he is for a rematch boxing match against YouTuber turnt boxer Jake Paul.

At the end of their previous celebrity boxing match, where Jake Paul was announced the winner, a bet was made that if Tyron gets a “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo, Jake Paul would honor him with a rematch.

They shook on the bet to let everyone know it’s real.

Watch Tyron and Jake make and shake on the bet below:

Some time passed and most people, including myself, thought Tyron would not get the tattoo.

Well, Tyron did get the tattoo and he is ready for the rematch.

Watch the video below of Tyron Woodley explaining why he got the tat:

Only time will tell if Jake Paul keeps his word.

I don’t condone this act by any means, but I must admit Tyron was creative with the placement of the tattoo.

Your thoughts?

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