Tyron Woodley said the judges’ decision to give Jake Paul the win in their eight round PPV fight Sunday night was “BS.”

Woodley agreed to get an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo to secure a rematch.

Paul won in a split decision victory, bringing his boxing record to 4-0. One out of the three judges did score Woodley as the winner of the fight.

During the post fight interview, Paul was clearly humbled by Woodley’s skill set.

When Paul was asked about his next opponent, he said he needed to take some time away from boxing and he will choose his next opponent when he’s ready.

Personally, I think Paul got a taste of a real fighter and he didn’t like how those blows felt.

Woodley pressed Paul for a rematch after hearing him say he was going to step away, and Paul being the attention seeker that he is told Woodley if he gets the “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo then he would give him a rematch.

Woodley instantly said, “Bet!” agreeing to get the tattoo, and they shook on the deal.

Watch the post fight interview below:

Judging from the highlights, Woodley should’ve won the fight, but the scoring in boxing is tricky.

Paul appeared to be the more active fighter and he threw more punches, but Woodley had good defense and he landed cleaner shots.

Woodley wobbled Paul pretty badly in the fourth round, nearly knocking him off his feet.

I believe that was the shot that had Paul contemplating stepping away from boxing.

Watch the fight highlights below:

Who do you think won the fight?