Wendy Williams Speaks Out About Her Battle For Her Money

Wendy Williams took to Instagram on Wednesday and posted a video where she shared her frustrations with not having access to her money due to her ongoing battle with Wells Fargo.

All this foolishness was set in motion over alleged concerns about Wendy’s health and mental wellbeing.

The caption on the nearly 3-minute video read:

I’m tired of everyone speaking as if they’re me in this scenario. It’s time I let all of my ????loving ???? supporters know what’s really been going on with Wendy????????

Legendary media personality and iconic daytime talk show host called out Wells Fargo Financial Advisor Lori Schiller saying: 

My thing is I have been asking questions about my money. 

And when I began asking questions about my money, suddenly, Lori Schiller has got no response regarding my money. 

I want my money. This is not fair. 

And Wells Fargo has no questions and answers regarding my money. 

This is not fair. 

And Lori Schiller and Wells Fargo have this guardianship petition about keeping me away from my money. 

This is not right. And you know this is not fair.

Wendy Williams went on to call out her former manager, Bernie Young, for using her Amex card to hire an attorney to file the petition against Wendy to become her legal guardian.

This guy named Bernie Young…

I know for a fact that Bernie Young used my American Express card to hire an attorney to file a petition against me.

That was done with my American Express card. Bernie Young, you’re no good and this is not fair at all. And then there’s this person — a former doctor had medical information about me, that I never even got.

It was sent over to Lori Schiller.

So, I haven’t gotten this stuff. I fired the doctor and again, all I want to know is where is my money. This is not right.

And certainly, this is not fair.

Watch the video of Wendy below.

Wendy Williams’ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., has power of attorney over Wendy, but he has not filed for guardianship because he nor she believes she needs it.

Her ex-husband, Kelvin Hunter, took to social media in an Instagram Live video and addressed everything from cheating to having a baby outside of his marriage to Wendy.

But, what was most shocking is his claims of people creating roadblocks and not caring for Wendy’s wellbeing to the point where their son had to threaten to call 911 just to get her medical attention.

Kelvin claims at one point, Wendy received two blood transfusions.

Watch his video below.


We previously reported Kelvin has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the producers of “The Wendy Williams Show” for wrongful termination.

Please keep Wendy Williams in your prayers.

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