Lil Yachty- The Secret Recipe -J Cole

Lil Yachty is kicking off the weekend with the release of “The Secret Recipe” featuring J. Cole.

Everything about this collaboration is dope – from the soulful track, the simple – yet highly effective visual, to Lil Boat and Coley Cole dropping bars like they are in a Hershey’s factory. 

In the song, Lil Yachty raps:

The standards have collapsed, they wrote me in with lames

They treat me like I'm them, they hate, I overcome

Refuse to pat my back, refuse to shake my hand

Refuse to give me props when I am not around

Refuse to act like I ain't shift the sound, like I ain't push the culture

J. Cole, who never ceases to amaze me, came through rapping:

I hate the press, refusin' interviews whenever they request

N***** fake-progressive and woke, I started sayin' less

I had to stop it, peeped how they profit off of racial stress

Some activists got so rich, they prolly wish we stay oppressed

Get into the visual for “The Secret Recipe” below.

Social media is buzzing about the track – especially J. Cole’s verse. 

Read a few Twitter (X) reactions below.

Are you SCOOPING or SCRAPPING Lil Yachty’s “The Secret Recipe” featuring J. Cole?

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