Nas was so impressed by Jay-Z’s verse on “Sorry Not Sorry” he said he had to tweak some of his bars.

DJ Khaled played Jay-Z’s verse to Nas in a studio session prior to him laying his verse, and Khaled put Jay-Z on facetime so he could see the reaction.

Nas recited a few of Jay-Z’s lines and told him how crazy they were, and he said the part of the song when Beyoncé came in gave him chills.

And the queen at the end bro!… Like, those harmonies… that gave me chills bro!

Watch the video below:

It’s great to see these two sharing laughs and acknowledging each other’s talent.

“Sorry Not Sorry” is an instant classic in my book.

[DJ Khaled Releases ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Video Feat. Nas & Jay-Z – Watch Now!]

Many fans are calling for the Hip Hop icons to do a full album together.

Are you here for it?


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