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Hey, why didn’t you put me on to Thomas Leo Clancy, Jr., aka Tom Clancy sooner? Former insurance salesman-turned-novelist specializing in political thrillers with a concentration on espionage and real American heroes with more swag than G.I. Joe.

His most popular character, Jack Ryan, has been putting in work for a long time, but now there’s a new sheriff in town that has come up, put his life on the line, sewn the game up, now it’s his time to shine.

It’s John Kelly’s turn, and in the new movie “Without Remorse” Hollywood superstar Michael B. Jordan attempts to bring a 90’s persona into the 21st century.

Will the Clancy/Jordan connection be a perfect combination like Johnny Gill and Stacy Lattisaw?

Let’s go!

John Kelly is trying to survive through the perilous fight in “Without Remorse”, the newest film from the world of John Clancy novels.

The movie stars Michael B. Jordan, Jodie Turner-Smith, Jamie Bell, and Lauren London.

Jordan plays John Kelly, a US Navy SEAL assigned a mission along with his team for a hostage extraction. It seems they weren’t told the whole story, and a few months later, vengeance comes knocking at the team’s doors. Kelly’s wife and unborn child become collateral damage, sending Kelly into unbridled rage, dead set on finding those responsible for his family’s death.

If you know Clancy’s work, he has a knack for action and political twists. Bringing “Without Remorse” to life is delightful watching his words become breathing art.

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but I shall: Mike B. is outstanding! He embodies John Kelly. If anyone else tries to play this character in the future, they’ll have to pole vault over a 30-foot bar because that’s how high he’s set it.

You’ve seen Jordan in action flicks before, but not like this. There are numerous physically demanding scenes and he makes it look effortless. He’s an even rougher version of Kilmonger but fighting for justice.

Make no mistake; Jordan carries this film. In basketball, you have a superstar, and the rest of the team is built around that person. That’s the way this cast is, and that is no disrespect at all. Most of them have great stat sheets.

This entire team works well like it’s the playoffs. The co-stars know their roles and drive comfortably in their respective lanes.

For instance, Robert Ritter played by Bell, may or may not be shiesty, but he sure plays up to it, leaving the audience wondering throughout the movie.

London as Kelly’s wife Pam has limited screen time, but is effective as the catalyst for Kelly’s main goal, thus setting up the film for a visual roller-coaster ride.

Turner-Smith’s performance as Karen Greer is one that could’ve used a little more seasoning. She’s effective as the leader, but at times seems stiff and monotone. She shined in “Queen and Slim” and I was looking for more of that enthusiasm.

Now, “Without Remorse” has action galore. You may have seen a lot of action, but this has much more! Sure, there is an antagonist somewhere in this story, but the action scenes supersede any and all bad guys. You’ve never seen action sequences like this, trust me. They are fresh, intense and if you haven’t viewed it yet, let me give you a bit of advice: Exercise and watch your salt intake, ‘cause these scenes will give you high blood pressure

Without Remorse” is not without problems, most being technical. The sound mixing is distorted in some scenes so dialogue becomes inaudible. You have to make out what some characters are saying. Also, this is a dark movie. No, I don’t mean the mood, I mean the there ain’t much light! Three-fourths of this film is shot at night or in rooms with five-watt bulbs. You have to strain your eyes to see who’s shooting who at times.

Without Remorse” is high-energy action flick that satisfies. I was wondering why there was so much shade being thrown at it until I did some research on Tom Clancy’s following, then it became clear.

I’ll just say these two words: January Sixth. If you know, you know.

Anyway, I wish this came out in theaters but it is what it is. I’m co-signing “Without Remorse” to the fullest.

Watch this all the way through, including the creditshint, hint.

This could be the start of a huge franchise. The world needs a different kind of hero. Is this your king? He is now.

Watch The Trailer:

Did you check out the film? If so, are you SCOOPING or SCRAPPING it?