Deon Cole gets married to Vivica A. Fox on Black-ish

Deon Cole is feeling inspired after seeing a wedding garter dance that has him thinking about marriage.

The comedian posted the garter dance video to his Instagram account along with the caption:

Now I want to get married just to do this! He did that.

The brother in the video was smooth, and the customization on the inside lining of his suit jacket was insane.

According to the commenters, the groom is a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

And in the video, he circles his bride as she sits in a chair, and one of his frat brothers removes his jacket, revealing the customized lining, as he prepares to approach his bride.

He dances his way to her with an array of shoulder shimmies, and then he quickly slides away from her.

Then with the help of his frat brothers, he jumps up and dives under her dress and spends a few seconds under there before he reappears with the garter in his teeth.

He seals the dance by kissing his bride, and she gives him confirmation that he “did that!”

Watch the video below:

You may recall, Deon Cole kinda sorta got married on “Black-ish” when his character tied the knot with Vivica A. Fox.

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