Samyia Spain (Instagram), Veo Kelly (Fox 5 New York)

Veo Kelly, 20, the knife-wielding menace who fatally stabbed 19-year-old Samyia Spain outside of a Brooklyn deli for rejecting his advances, has surrendered to police. 

Last Sunday, Samyia Spain and Sanyia Spain, 19, and two others took a break from a family game night and walked to a local deli. 

Kelly, who had just left a party nearby, expressed an interest in Samyia and asked for her phone number.

She declined and offered her Instagram handle to him to get rid of him.

But, when Veo asked Samyia to follow him back and she said, “No,” he flew into a violent and deadly rage. 

Veo Kelly stabbed Sanyia Spain in the arm and he fatally stabbed Samyia Spain in the neck and chest.

Police charged Kelly with murder, assault, and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. 

Watch the news report below. 

My thoughts, heart, and prayers are extended to the Spain family during this extremely difficult time.

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  1. you left out that the deli owner intervened and locked the girls inside with him. when they felt he was gone they left and he stormed back in and stabbed them

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