Alicia Keys’ Son Genesis Was On Wardrobe Malfunction Duty At Her Brooklyn Show

Alicia Keys recently shared a video on her Instagram page of her eight-year-old son Genesis expressing his concerns about her pasties at her Brooklyn show.

Are you really going to do this mom?… The heart… So everybody can see your boobs?… I’ve never seen anybody do that.

Alicia Keys reassured Genesis that the pasties were cool and no one was going to see her boobs, they would only see the hearts.

She showed him the dance move she planned to do on stage to ease his stress levels, but he wasn’t convinced, and he demonstrated an alternative dance move that he found more appropriate.

Alicia captioned her post:

Genesis was not a fan of my pasties 🤣🤣

There is NOTHING like a hometown show. Brooklyn, I felt every part of your love 💜💜💜 Full recap on my YouTube!

See Alicia Keys’ original IG post below:

Shouts out to Genesis for being on wardrobe malfunction duty.

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