Dave Oancea, better known as Vegas Dave, decided to move back in with his parents to focus on his business while his girlfriend, Holly Sonders, lives in his home.

Vegas Dave is the self-proclaimed #1 sports information consultant in the game, who became famous by making good on some major bets.

Vegas Dave is currently under a 3-year sportsbook ban from Las Vegas casinos after fraudulently using other people’s identities to open accounts, according to ‘The New York Post’.

When he was indicted in 2017 Dave was facing 19 felonies and 40 years in prison.


Since the ban, Vegas Dave generates his wealth by selling betting packages and sports memorabilia.

Dave’s girlfriend, Holly Sonders, is a former Fox Sports & Golf Channel host who dated Arizona coach Kliff Kingsberry before she met Dave.

Holly divorced former Golf Channel co-host Erik Kuselias in 2016… I’m not saying she’s a gold-digger but she not messing with no broke…

Holly and Dave met in late 2019 and shortly after Dave proposed to Holly in Mexico.


It is unclear if the couple is still engaged because they went through a rough patch in January 2020.

The ‘New York Post’ recently published an article entitled “Why Vegas Dave ‘sacrificed his relationship’ with Holly Sonders”, and Dave took to his Instagram account to set the record straight.

I’m still somewhat confused about why Dave is not able to focus on his work and live with his girlfriend, but I do know that their relationship plays out to be very extravagant when they are in the public eye.

Watch footage below of Dave & Holly at the LAKERS/CLIPPERS 2019 Christmas Day game:

Even though Dave’s logic confuses me, I know that all successful relationships require work and compromise so I wish Dave & Holly the best moving forward.

Would you be okay with your significant other moving back in with his/her parents while y’all are in a relationship?