Unfoonk - Quantavious Grier - Arrested Gun Charges

In today’s “Can’t Get Right” news… Young Thug’s brother, Unfoonk, is back behind bars on a gun charge less than six months after taking a plea deal in the YSL RICO case. 

Unfoonk, whose real name is Quantavious Grier, was arrested on Thursday and charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, participating in criminal street gang activity, not wearing a seatbelt, and a window tint violation, according to Fulton County jail records. 

Grier had a murder conviction overturned and then accepted a plea deal in the Fulton County gang and racketeering case against alleged members of “Young Slime Life.”

Unfoonk pleaded guilty to one count of violating the state’s RICO act and one count of theft by receiving stolen property.

Two years of his 12-year jail sentence was commuted to time served and the remainder of his sentence was switched to probation. 

All he had to do was complete 750 hours of community service, leave guns alone, and cease all communication with his brother, Jeffrey “Young Thug” Williams, and the rest of the 28 co-defendants in the case.

But, he couldn’t do that. 

Now, Unfoonk is sitting in Fulton County Jail and the future of his freedom is unclear.

Meanwhile, Thugga’s attorney claims he’s “languishing” in jail and only eating chocolate and potato chips.

Make it make sense. 

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Source: AJC

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