Atlanta Rapper Gunna To Be Released After Pleading Guilty To A Racketering Conspiracy Charge

According to WSB-TV 2 Atlanta news, rapper Gunna pleaded guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge, and his release is pending.

Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, faced the judge on Wednesday (December 14).

The rapper reportedly entered a negotiated plea, known as an Alford plea, which means he pleads guilty on one charge because it was in his best interest while maintaining his innocence on the same charge.

After accepting the plea, Gunna was sentenced to five years with one year served.

The remaining four years will be suspended and will be subject to special conditions including 500 hours of community service.

Gunna released the following statement after his sentencing:

While I have agreed to always be truthful, I want to make it perfectly clear that I have NOT made any statements, have NOT been interviewed, have NOT cooperated, have NOT agreed to testify or be a witness for or against any party in the case and have absolutely NO intention of being involved in the trial process in any way.

Gunna was arrested in May along with Young Thug and 26 others in a gang indictment that claims YSL is a violent street gang that has committed numerous crimes including murders, shootings, and carjackings over a 10-year time span.

Gunna said he did not consider YSL to be a gang when he joined in 2016.

…more like a group of people from metro Atlanta who had common interests and artistic aspirations.

My focus of YSL was entertainment — rap artists who wrote and performed music that exaggerated and ‘glorified’ urban life in the Black community.

He said he will always treasure his association with YSL music, and he looks at his release as an opportunity to give back to his community and educate young men and women on the destructive nature of criminal street gangs.

Gunna is currently trending on Twitter as people react to the update in his case.

Read a few tweets below.

*UPDATE* (5:50 p.m.)

Gunna has been released from jail.

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Source: WSBTV