Coming off his first-round knockout win over Greg Hardy at UFC 264 on Saturday, Tai Tuivasa celebrated by drinking beer out of fans’ shoes.

Apparently, this is a thing that Tuivasa is known for, and it has garnered him the nickname Tai “Shoey” Tuivasa.

This weekend was the first time we encountered this disgusting act.

After the match on Saturday, an exuberant Tuivasa prepped the audience to get their shoes ready because he was ready to guzzle some shoe beer.

Watch the video below:

He kept his promise after leaving the Octagon, but unbeknownst to Tuivasa, until he felt his tongue tingling, one fan added hot sauce to the beer in his shoe.

Watch the video below (prepare to be disgusted):

Most fighters are very concerned about what they put in their bodies, but as you can see Tai Tuivasa is not one of those fighters.

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