Tyrese Gibson sat down with Tiffany Haddish on “The Ellen Show” and they had a very insightful conversation that was very cool and comfortable, just like two old friends catching up.

During the interview, Tyrese revealed that he used to pass by Serena and Venus Williams practicing in their youth at Will Roger’s State Historic Park in Los Angeles, California.

He also said that he and the Rock have reconciled and they both have developed a tendency of leaving each other extremely long voice messages.

When Tiffany asked him about his backyard, which is equipped with a Starbucks, a Benihana, and a nightclub, he explained why he felt the need to have such elaborate facilities in his backyard.

Watch the video below:

It’s good to see that Tyrese Gibson is in a good head space, and we wish him the best in all his future endeavors.

I wonder how the hiring process goes to work at Tyrese’s backyard Starbucks and Benihana.

Your thoughts?