Tyler Perry was involved in a T-Bone accident in his Bentley SUV on Wednesday night (December 15) in California.

According to sources, he flew into Burbank Airport that night and the accident occurred while he was driving home through Sherman Oaks in Los Angeles.

Reportedly, a Honda Accord cut across 3 lanes, and Tyler crashed into the driver’s side of the car.

The Honda Accord was smashed up pretty badly, and it appears to be a total loss.

Watch the video below:

Thankfully, the female driver and Tyler Perry did not suffer any serious injuries. There were no hospital visits reported.

According to sources, the woman driving the Honda admitted fault in causing the accident.

Law enforcement sources said there was no police report generated, and both parties agreed to handle things privately.

ICCer’s please be careful on the road, especially during the holiday season.

Source: TMZ