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Tyler Perry took to social media on Tuesday with a message for the black community: Increase your vitamin D.

The media mogul made it very clear that vitamin D is NOT a cure for COVID-19, however, he stressed the importance of taking it to boost your immune system.

I grabbed a few quotes from Tyler’s video and posted it below.

My vitamin D is low. It’s always been low. For most African Americans…it’s low. 

Why this is important is because it’s about immune health. Vitamin D helps with immune health and respiratory health. 

What I read in a study out of Spain, and Italy and China is that a lot of people who died from COVID were low in vitamin D. 

Now, listen to me…I think that if America or this entire nation was keeping track of who dying and if they were low on vitamin D or deficient in different areas we would know it, but apparently, no one is keeping record, which is insane to me. 

Because we are African American people, we are naturally deficient because of the melanin in our skin it blocks out vitamin D.  And for the most part – not all of us – but, a lot of us just don’t like being in the sun and that’s where vitamin D comes from. 

Watch Tyler Perry speak below:

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This hit home because EVERY single time I have bloodwork done my vitamin D is extremely or dangerously low.

If you don’t have any vitamins at the house, you can scoop these below (click image):

Please be safe and try to stay healthy.

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