Ty Dolla Sign Drops ‘Spicy’ Video Feat Post Malone & Narrated By Snoop Dogg

Ty Dolla Sign released his “Spicy” video featuring Post Malone with narration from Snoop Dogg off his most recent album, Featuring Ty Dolla Sign.

The video is a futuristic Western, and Snoop begins the narration by telling how Ty Dolla Sign is headed West to start a new life until he is jumped and jacked by his rivals, The Stick Up Kids, they even took his girl.

Ty meets up with Post Malone at the Saloon where he finds The Stick Up Kids and gets his revenge.

Watch the video below:

Are you scooping or scrapping Ty Dolla Sign’s “Spicy” video?

Ty Dolla Sign’s new album Featuring Ty Dolla Sign is streaming now on all DSPs.

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