Uncle Snoop and Uncle Shay recently had a candid conversation via Instagram and they talked about the Lakers, Trump, and being called “Unc.”

Snoop Dogg and Shannon Sharpe are extremely happy for their Lakers right now because they are up 3-1 against the Miami Heat in the NBA finals, and all signs look like the Lakers will win another Championship.

Shannon Sharpe is a huge LeBron James fan and Snoop is a well-known Lakers fan. So it was very interesting to hear Shannon ask Snoop who his top 5 Lakers of all time are.

The nickname “Unc” has been synonymous with Shannon Sharpe and Snoop Dogg and they both consider it a level of respect when people call them “Unc” instead of their first name.

Snoop expresses his appreciation for Shannon Sharpe being a voice for black people on Undisputed, and Snoop also compliments the chemistry that Shannon and Skip have on the show.

Shannon in turn, expressed his gratitude for Skip Bayless standing up to the Fox Sports network and telling them that he would not do the show if Shannon could not be his co-host.

Watch the clip below:

Shannon and Snoop also talked about Snoop roasting Trump. Snoop gave a very insightful take on Trump’s presidency and the future of the position.

Watch the clip below:

Snoop and Shannon both have engaging personalities and they have great chemistry together. Perhaps they should get together more often and have more of these conversations.

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