Twitter Rises Up Against Sade Slander

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The streets of Twitter are ablaze after a user by the name of Kammy slandered the incomparable Sade and touted Jhené Aiko as a better artist.

Sade is thin & light skinned & was humming on them tracks. At least Jhené gives us DRAMA.

See the original tweet below:


And just like that, Music Monday became all about celebrating Sade and denouncing the tomfoolery of young folks who don’t know any better.

Peep the tweets below:

Read more tweets.

Whew! People will get on Jack Dorsey’s Twitter and say ANYTHING!

Your thoughts?


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1 thought on “Twitter Rises Up Against Sade Slander”

  1. That was the dumbest shit I I’ve heard in a while and thin and light skinned what does that even mean any way there ain’t a artist out there more talented the younger artist can only dream about a music career like hers

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