Twitter Reacts To Kirk Cousins Insensitive Comments About Covid-19

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Kirk Cousins was on the Kyle Brandt’s ’10 Questions’ podcast on Spotify when he stated on a scale of 1-10 his concern for Covid-19 is a 0.00001.

Listen to Kirk speak about his concern of CVD-19 below:

Kirk claims he wears a mask out of respect for other people, but he has a very nonchalant attitude about contracting the virus.

Kirk said he would let nature run its coarse if he contracted the virus, and if he dies he’s at peace with that.

With the death toll rising on a daily basis Kirk’s stance is extremely insensitive.

Twitter had this to say about Kirk’s remarks:

I hope Kirk has a change of heart because I remember when Rudy Gobert took a nonchalant approach concerning Covid-19.

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