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Monica & Brandy Celebrate Each Other Following Their Historic Verzuz Battle

Fans are still celebrating (and debating) the epic and shadetastic Verzuz battle between Monica and Brandy on Monday night.

The ladies put their past misunderstands behind them and came together and made history by breaking all previous records set by Verzuz!

6+ MILLION in total (not 1.2M!) tuned in to watch the Super Bowl of Livestreams. This is the NEW TV. The queens @Brandy and @MonicaDenise broke all #VERZUZ records and more!

Peep the receipts below:

Not to mention, both Brandy and Monica are now dominating music charts following their battle!

Brandy took to Instagram and shared this sweet message to Monica:

#wcw @monicadenise ?Love your new song with @lilbaby_1#Trenches !! Thank you for holding it up in music and never giving up no matter the trials and tribulations you’ve had to face. Proud to stand next to you and to have made profound history with you.

See the original post below:

Monica returned the love with a message of her own:

My Prayers have been said as well as Many of them answered! Communication & Compassion bridged a gap that not many will understand! I celebrate you @brandy … Your legacy, Music & Catalogue are undeniable!! #B7 Available NOW….. ?

See the original post below:

Good for them!

They both deserve to be celebrated!

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