Joseline Hernandez - Big Lex fight

Joseline Hernandez is trending in the streets of Twitter after the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” put da paws on Big Lex during the Floyd Mayweather fight on Sunday night in South Florida.

Big Lex is a TV personality and artist, who was a previous cast member of the Zeus Network series, “Joseline’s Cabaret.”

Apparently, there is bad blood between the women, and it was spilled onto the floor backstage at Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight against John Gotti III.

It’s unclear if something triggered the fight between the women or if it was simply a case of “on sight.”

But, it appears Joseline Hernandez unlocked a new level of rage on Big Lex and everyone in the surrounding area.

In the viral videos of the brutal altercation, Melissa Scott, who was a past cast member of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” and many others jumped in the fight to punch and kick Big Lex as well.

Lex, who was left topless during the brawl, gave her best effort in trying to defend herself and even pulled off her high heel to use it as a weapon.

Multiple security and Zeus members eventually managed to get Joseline and her crew off of Lex.

But, Joseline was still raging to the point where she began assaulting everyone who came within arm’s reach… including a woman who was passing by the melee.

The woman retaliated by throwing a drink at Joseline…only to end up running for dear life.

Read Twitter reactions to the tomfoolery below.

Based on previous comments made by Big Lex, she wanted to shoot a fair one with Joseline Hernandez.

Unfortunately, on Sunday night, the battle was greater than she had anticipated.

This is the second time Joseline has been trending for violence.

Just last week, she was the topic of conversation following her altercation with Amber Rose on “College Hill: Celebrity Edition.

But, to be fair…in that particular incident, Amber physically attacked Joseline.

Update: Joseline Hernandez was arrested following her brawl with Big Lex. 

The reality TV star and aspiring recording artist is facing four charges 

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