The Twitter streets are buzzing about Draymond Green and Kevin Durant’s amazing sit down interview for Bleacher Report’s “Chips” series.

Draymond Green led the interview and he kept it real, he asked questions that a lot of people really wanted to know.

The highlight of the interview was when Draymond asked if the argument he and KD had after the Clippers game in 2018 was the reason he left the Golden State Warriors.

KD responded that it wasn’t the actual argument, but the way the argument was handled.

He said coach Steve Kerr acted like the argument didn’t happen, and Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers just tried to discipline Draymond thinking that would resolve the issue.

KD said he wanted them to address it so they could get everything out on the table, discuss it, and move on, but that didn’t happen.

After that, he said the team vibe got weird for him.

Draymond confessed that he was called in the office for an hour and 45 minutes after the incident and told to apologize, but he told them that he would apologize to KD but they not going to tell him what to say.

Draymond said after they realized that they wasn’t getting through to him they decided to try again in the morning.

He said the next morning he told them,

Y’all about to f**k this up!

The only person that can make this right is me and K.

And, there is nothing that y’all can do and y’all are going to f**k this up!

He then told KD, “And in my opinion they f**ked it up!”

KD agreed.

Watch the full interview below:

Scoop some tweets from the interview below:

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