Meek Mill, Jay-Z, Michael Rubin, and some of Kraft’s other rich friends chipped in to buy him his dream Bentley for his 80th birthday, and Twitter decided to pull receipts on Meek.

See the video below:

Twitter was quick to remind Meek of a video that went viral of him giving a group of Atlanta boys selling water $20 to share.

Watch the video below:

There is a huge financial contrast between $20 for a group of kids to share and chipping in on a rare Bentley for a billionaire.

At the end of the day, Meek has the right to do whatever he wants with his money, but the optics are not great.

Scoop the tweets below:

Rumor has it that Robert Kraft helped get Meek Mill out of jail, and Kraft has been working with Jay-Z and Meek on some criminal justice reform initiatives.

Meek has responded to the backlash with some sub tweets:

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