Tyler Perry and Norman Lear via Instagram

Norman Lear, the writer, director, and producer who revolutionized prime-time television, has died.

The TV icon passed away Tuesday night in his sleep, surrounded by family at his home in Los Angeles, according to Lara Bergthold, a spokesperson for his family.

Norman was the creative genius behind many of the classic shows I loved watching as a kid including “Good Times,” “The Jeffersons,” “One Day At A Time,” “Sanford and Son,” and “All In The Family.” 

Tyler Perry took to social media to pay tribute to Norman Lear.

The entertainment mogul shared a great photo of himself and Norman along with the caption:

Not long ago I had the pleasure of meeting one of my heroes.

He invited me to lunch at his home and as we sat and talked and laughed, I got a chance to tell him how he had helped save my life.

I shared with him that he taught me to dream a bigger dream by his example. 

He was 100 years old at the time, but sharp as ever. Full of wisdom and great advice, and I took it all in. 

Just before I left, I asked, “At 100 years old what are you looking forward to?” Without any hesitation he said, “Tomorrow.” 

It was such a simple but powerful lesson to live your life fully one day at a time.

And One Day at a Time just happened to be the name of one of his many hit TV shows along with Maude, All in The Family, Good Times, Sanford and Son and so many other incredible shows.

They were the only thing that brought laughter and joy to me as a child, who was living a daily nightmare.

I’m so glad that I had the chance to say to him, thanks to his vision and his work, he gave me many “tomorrows” to look forward to.

So today, sadly, I say goodbye and I salute a veteran.

One who asked me to help put together a moment for him to say thank you to the surviving Redtail Tuskegee Airmen, he wanted to thank them for the escorts they provided him and others during World War II, which I did with Robin Roberts on GMA.

It felt good to be able to do something for him. A hero and someone who inspired me to try and bring as much laughter to the world as he brought to the little boy that I was.

You sir are truly one of one! I’m so glad we were on the planet at the same time. Thank you for your example.

Rest in peace my dear friend, I thank God for you. My prayers are with your family.

Travel well, Mr. Norman Lear.

See Tyler’s original post below. 

Thank you Mr. Lear for your immeasurable contribution to television.

My sincerest condolences and prayers are extended to the Lear family and all who knew, loved, and were inspired by Norman.

May he rest in peace.

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