Tyler Perry Raves Over ‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé’

Tyler Perry via Instagram

Tyler Perry attended the premiere of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé over the weekend and took to social media to rave about it.

The entertainment mogul, who recently released his very own documentary, Maxine’s Baby: The Tyler Perry Story, shared a photo of his fit and another with Tina Knowles.

The caption on his post read:

Got a chance this weekend to see the premiere of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé!

I’m so proud of her. She keeps going above and beyond. 

Showing up in full grace, full voice and adding higher layers to her own cake.

This film is so much…

It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s heartfelt, it’s a dedication, it’s an education, it’s a business woman, it’s a blueprint, it’s art, it’s a vocalist, it’s a dancer, it’s an entertainer, it’s a superstar, it’s a mother, sister, daughter, cousin, wife, it’s brilliant.


Congrats to you and all of Parkwood, but most of all congrats to all of us who get to see it! God bless you my friend.

See Tyler Perry’s original post below. 

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé opens in theaters nationwide on December 1, 2023. 

Do you plan to see it?

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