Tristan Thompson seized the opportunity to compliment Khloe Kardashian’s physique by sliding in her Instagram comments.

Khloe posted a picture of her on the cover of Health magazine’s November 2021 issue on Wednesday (October 13) showcasing her physique, mainly her abs.

Tristan wrote in the comment section:

Wow!! You are so motivational Koko! So proud of your hard work and dedication to your healthcare and fitness. Abs of steel!! BRB I need to do some sit ups ❤️❤️

See Tristan’s original comment below:

See Khloe’s Instagram post below:

Tristan’s comment may have been just an innocent flirt, but time will tell how that public compliment landed.

Tristan and Khloe are forever connected through their beautiful daughter True, and it’s understandable that there will be some level of love between them.

But, Tristan Thompson seems to have cracked the code on Khloe’s heart.

Reportedly, they are not together romantically, but they have been seen out together at events.

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