Richard Jefferson Throws Former LA Laker Tristan Thompson Under The Bus On ‘NBA Today’

Former NBA player Richard Jefferson whose known for his sarcasm, on the ESPN show “NBA Today,” recently drove a bus over former LA Laker Tristan Thompshon’s emotions live on the air.

Tristan Thompson returned to ESPN this week as a co-host on “NBA Today” after he left for a few weeks to play for the LA Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

The Lakers acquired Tristan’s service to help them defend the Denver Nuggets 2x MVP center Nikola Jokic.

Tristan Thompson was down in the rotation, meaning he was like the 3rd or 4th center coming off the bench, but to his credit, in the minutes that he did get in the game, he guarded Jokic well.

The Denver Nuggets ended up sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers and advancing to the NBA Finals.

Richard Jefferson, who played in the NBA for 17 years and won a Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016, had no problem telling Tristan, live on air,  that he failed at guarding Jokic in the playoffs.

You can see the shock on Tristan’s face, but he played it off well.

Watch the clip from ESPN’s “NBA Today” below:

Sportscenter and NBA on ESPN did Tristan no favors by posting the clip to Instagram:

Surprisingly, Tristan got a lot of love in the comments.

Scoop some comments below:

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