Trina has issued a second apology after she took to the Miami radio airwaves and called protestors “animals.”

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The Baddest Bih was dragged through the streets of social media and a petition was expeditiously launched calling for her to be fired from her morning show.

The very next day, Trina returned to the airwaves and issued and apology. No one cared.

Now, she has taken to Instagram with a written apology that reads in part:

I am not perfect. I’ve fallen short. I’ve been racially profiled, and I’ve had trouble articulating my emotions in the face of personal frustration.

I don’t want my people to question if I stand with them. I do. I bleed the same blood. I feel exactly what you feel. Please don’t allow my delivery to confuse my stance on equality on justice, which is essential for all people.

Read the full statement below:

Who do you think had the better second apology – Trina or Drew Brees?

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