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The woman who filed a lawsuit accusing Trey Songz of sexually assaulting her at a party in 2016 has requested that the case be dismissed without prejudice.

“Jane Doe” sued the singer, whose real name is Tremaine Neverson, in February claiming he threw her to the ground, tore her clothes off, and anally raped her at a party in March 2016.

In her lawsuit, “Jane Doe” says after the alleged incident, she left the party and had an Uber driver take her to a nearby hospital, where doctors told her she had “severe anal tearing that could require surgery.” 

“Jane Doe” noted in her lawsuit that she did have a casual and “occasionally sexual” relationship with the singer prior to the attack. 

She also stated that she did not name him to the police as her attacker because she was “fearing for her life.” 

As a result of the attack, “Jane Doe” said she has suffered from “fear, anxiety, humiliation, depression, and other physical and emotional injuries, and damages.” 

In a surprising turn of events, in late June, “Jane Doe” asked a judge to dismiss her case without prejudice, meaning she has the option to refile the suit later.

On Wednesday, July 6, the judge overseeing the case granted her request. 

It’s unclear if Trey Songz reached a settlement with “Jane Doe.”

Attorneys and representatives for both parties have not returned requests for statements about the ruling. 

“Jane Doe” is one of four women who have accused Trey of sexual assault or harassment. 

Megan Johnson is seeking a $5 million settlement after he allegedly pulled down her bathing suit top at a party. 

Former college basketball star Dylan Gonzalez accused Trey Songz of sexually assaulting her nine years ago, but after an investigation, police decided not to move forward with charges unless new evidence is presented.

And in December 2021, Jauhara Jeffries refiled a lawsuit in Miami claiming the singer assaulted her at a New Year’s Eve party in 2018.

Trey has denied all of the allegations against and he has managed to evade criminal charges. 

Where’s a lot of smoke there is typically fire.

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Source: Rolling Stone

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