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Travis Scott’s ‘Cactus Jack’ Meal Now Available At McDonald’s

Travis Scott has made history as the second celebrity to have his own meal at McDonald’s.

Starting today (September 8), you can slide around to the golden arches and order the Cactus Jack meal which consists of the rapper’s faves: a quarter pounder with cheese and bacon, a medium order of fries with barbecue sauce and a Sprite.

The cost: $6

Both Travis and McDonald’s announced the collaboration last week:

In a statement, Travis Scott gushed:

I couldn’t be more excited to bring the Cactus Jack x McDonald’s collaboration to life. We are bringing together two iconic worlds.

Travis is the second celebrity to have his own meal after Michael Jordan, who had the McJordan burger in 1992.

Do you plan to scoop the Cactus Jack meal?

Source: ABC13

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