Maya Benberry

Maya Benberry, the ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce, is warning Taylor Swift to “be smart” when it comes to the Kansas City Chief’s baller. 

The Taylor Swift Effect

Folks have been losing their shizznit ever since the Grammy Award-winning singer showed up to Sunday’s Chiefs-Bears game. 

There has been a 400% spike in Travis Kelce jersey sales, his podcast is now No. 1 on Apple, and he’s picked up over 383,000 Instagram followers.

But, then things got ugly…and racial. 

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A conversation began about whether or not Travis “upgraded or downgraded” – comparing his other ex, Kayla Nicole, to Taylor Swift. 

Then, there were some very unnecessary remarks being made towards and about Kayla from Taylor’s fans. 

Maya Benberry Speaks About Dating Travis Kelce

Maya has been accosted by media outlets who want her to give the tea on her experience dating Travis and her thoughts on his budding relationship with Taylor Swift.

She took to her Instagram Story to address everything publicly.

Maya shared an email she received from The Daily Mail seeking comment as well as her response along with three points. 

A) I don’t hate Taylor nor am I bitter. I got asked about my relationship & I spoke on it because I can. It’s my life & I can speak on it or about it whenever I please. Everything I said now about my experience I said then after we broke up. So my narrative hasn’t changed nor will it. 

B) I don’t think that Taylor is a 5. The initial comment was someone complimenting me so I liked it without even paying attention just like I do every other comment on my page. Once I caught wind that it was shade I deleted the comment entirely. I’m a grown a** woman & I stand on what I say. I am not a coward & If I truly felt that way about her, I would stand on it. Just like I am standing on my infidelity answer. 

C) Taylor is basically a billionaire and a boss. There is not need to hate nor have I or will I. Like I said in my interview I wish her the best of luck & I mean that genuinely. He wasn’t the man for me but he could be for her. Only time will tell. 🤷🏾‍♀️ & lastly what I’m not going to do is put on a facade about my experience when asked about infidelity. You don’t have to like my answer but the truth is the truth.

In her response to The Daily Mail’s email, Maya Benberry advised Taylor Swift to “BE SMART” when it comes to Travis Kelce.

She also noted, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

See Maya’s original post below. 

Maya Benberry - Travis Kelce- Taylor Swift

Honestly, I don’t understand the frenzy about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift – nor do I care. Respectfully.

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