Trae Young is the Atlanta Hawks point guard who led his team to the Eastern Conference Finals so why an amateur player in the Pro-Am league would think he wanted that smoke with Ice Trae is beyond me.

The Pro-Am league puts on sporting events where professional and amateur athletes compete with each other.

In the video, the amateur athlete is clearly talking trash to Trae and Trae confidently lets him know he does this for a living.

When the ball is inbounded, Trae puts the amateur on skates as he tries to defend him from getting a shot off.

Trae positions himself behind the three point line, hits the defender with a shot fake that gets him in the air, and on the defenders decline Trae pulls up and shoots the three-pointer.

SPLASH! All net… and the crowd goes wild.

The trash talker walks off in silence from embarrassment.

Watch the video below:

Scoop some tweets reacting to the shot below:

Shout out to Trae Young for letting his trash talking defender know he better respect the ATL.

Your thoughts?