The New York Knicks have banned a fan “indefinitely” for spitting on Atlanta Hawks superstar point guard Trae Young.

The incident happened during Game 2 of of the teams’ playoff series on Wednesday night.

The Knicks released the following statement on Thursday:

We investigated the matter and determined that this patron, who is not a season ticket holder, did indeed spit on Trae Young, and for that reason, he is now banned from The Garden indefinitely.

We apologize to Trae and the entire Atlanta Hawks organization for this fan’s behavior. This was completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our venue. We have turned the information over to the appropriate authorities.

A clip of the incident also shows the fan inadvertently spit on 50 Cent‘s girlfriend, Cuban Link.

Watch the video below:

Both Cuban Link and Trae Young declined police involvement and will not be pressing charges.

These sports “fans” are out to control. Spitting on someone during a pandemic should be a crime.

Your thoughts?

Source: NY Post