Tracy Morgan Appears On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ As The 1st Black Superman (Video)

Tracy Morgan appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” as the first Black Superman “with a gold chain and an earring.”

Black Superman stayed in character for majority of the interview, and Jimmy Kimmel played along. 

It was hilarious.

Tracy was there to promote the new season of his show, “The Last O.G.,” and after a clip from the new season was played he dropped the Superman persona and got serious.

He talked about how the clip related to his real life.

He said he wrote the season, and he used his real-life hospital stay after his Walmart truck accident as material for the clip that was played.

He also said that Eddie Murphy inspired him to put his 8-year-old daughter on the show because he admired Eddie putting his real life daughter in the movie, Coming 2 America.

Tracy Morgan expressed that he is happy to be here after his accident, and he is clearly excited about the new season of “The Last O.G.

Watch the video below:

Support “The Last O.G.” two episode premiere tonight at 10 PM EST on TBS.

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